Through our IT consultants we bring a full range of experience, experts and technology capabilities to each client engagement to help companies navigate their specific business situation and address their IT needs.
We can support most types of IT projects including systems design, applications development, technical support, security, systems integration, database development and management(Start Up Consultants in Rajasthan)

In the Pervious post we tried to find out whether hiring a consultant is a good idea for startups and what makes a consultant the right one. The bottomline is that startup consultants can be surprisingly useful, but you have to pick only those who launched their own startup (or two) in the past.

Here I will do my best to explain how to squeeze as much value as possible out of that bearded guy (or that lady with strange glasses) you’ve just signed a consulting services contract with.

The key is to understand what past-founders-turned-consultants are really good at and what is rather beyond their limits. Today we are going to start with the first part: what they can.(

(Start Up Consultants in Rajasthan)