SEO company in India

This type of SEO focuses on optimizing your content only for the search engine, not considering humans at all. Since there are lots of ways to bend and break the rules to get your sites to rank high, these are a welcome way for black hat SEOs to make a few fast.(SEO company in India)

Ultimately this approach results in  pages, which often get banned very fast, often leading to severe punishment for the marketer, ruining their chance of building something sustainable in the future.(SEO company in India)

You might make a few grand this way, but will continuously have to be on the lookout for search engine updates and come up with new ways to dodge the rules.(SEO company in India)




SEO company in India

SEO company in India

If you do SEO this way, you’ll focus on your human audience, trying to give them the best content possible and making it easily accessible to them, by playing according to the search engine’s rules.(SEO company in India)

I have worked as a freelance SEO consultant since 2004. I provide services for SEO companies; my main operations involve developing contextual webpages with a high degree of semantic relevancy for your industry. I have scientific and technological expertise based on research related to the SEO process.(SEO company in India)

I am a specialist with proven SEO skills, search keyword phrase expert. Get found when people look for your products or services online, you need to hire my ‘professional SEO services’.(SEO company in India)

A Google Ad gives you instant internet presence. SEO is picked up by Google and the website is re-indexed further up in the organic listings.

As well as SEO we also design websites. We produce the worldclass WordPress websites and for good reason. Firstly, Google prefers WordPress – they are the easiest websites to index, they have little error and are CMS websites – content Management Systems. (SEO company in India)

Our design team create bespoke websites of all sizes– from a simple landing page, small 3 page–5 page websites, larger websites to e-commerce. (SEO company in India)